Absolutely beautiful. Love watching the progress on this beautiful building.
Sewing Up Dreams
Truly incredible!
Greer Heritage Museum
This is going to be fantastic!
Sabrina Hodges
So beautiful! Y'all are doing such a great job. I was bragging on (the restoration) at lunch yesterday with people who didn't know anything about the project.
Layne Austin
Keep up the great job! What a wonderful restoration!
David K. Simmons
Wow, everything is looking fantastic!!! Like going back in time, just need to step out back and catch a ride on the big electric car.
Bob Klempner
As a life-long Greer resident, I can tell you that you guys have made us awfully proud of what you have done. The streetscape project made Greer a showcase and the (Historic Greer) Depot is the diamond in that showcase, no doubt. The place is amazing from the outside. I cannot wait to see it inside. That building could have easily been torn down. It took visionaries to turn it into a focal point in Greer which we are really looking forward to in downtown.
Joseph Stack
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